Sunday, May 31, 2009

fun with toddlerheads

I had forgotten what it feels like to have trashed legs. After taking a long, unscheduled break from training and racing it feels good to be this tired. This weekend was all about getting getting out of the city for some hard riding. Yesterday we went to Pine Log to try out the new singletrack and I wanted to take the Rotwild hardtail down some gnarly "toddlerhead" covered ridgelines. (Note: we usually call them "babyheads" but I heard the term "toddlerhead" in Colorado. If we are getting technical, I would call the Pine Log rocks "adolescentheads" haha). Anyway, my legs never seemed to wake up and today was no different. Today's ride was a 4.5 off-road one in Ellijay that ended with the descent down the Windy Gap trail. I suffered bad again today, but at least I got some good hours in and I can rest tomorrow! It feels good to know that I actually deserve the rest now, so I'll enjoy it.


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