Monday, July 06, 2009

Long weekend: Days 2 & 3

I actually got 15.5 hours of training in this week! That is the most I've ridden in one week (by A LOT) since March. Yes!! The next official race is Ore To Shore in Michigan on August 8. After that, it's Fool's Gold 50. The weekend rides were pretty chill...spent the weekend at Mulberry Gap in Ellijay and finally got to explore some of the Pinhoti 4/Tatum Lead area. Didn't make it to Fort Mountain as time. Wildlife spotted this weekend: 2 bears (one mom, one cub) and a bobcat! That's enough for me!


Blogger EL SandPine said...

I got scared when I saw my first bear going down the P3 switchbacks over to P4. I have never scream so loud before. The ATV trail over to FT. Mountain kicked me pretty good. It is an ATV trail and nice fast downhill. But coming back up on it was NO fun. Specially that section that goes straight down to that big opening before the primitive camping area by the creek. Lots of shaddy characters camping out there.

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