Monday, June 12, 2006


Training is over and we are back in Atlanta, now as the official Wobble-Naught dealer in Georgia. Of course, we have some practicing to do, and after we get our equipment in, Eddie and I will be fitting each other on all our bikes - SS 29er, FS 26", and road bikes. Soon after that we should be ready to go public.

So Boise is a really cool town. We got to ride more on Saturday evening and I felt amazing - I climbed so well that where as usually I have to spin out at the top of a long/steep climb to recover - this time I was clicking into a bigger gear and going. Muscle fatigue was not the limiting factor on this ride, it was the aerobic that was limiting. Our ride was basically a long climb up followed by a long descent. Riding out there is different..very different from what I'm used to. The trails are actually fairly smooth but that doesn't mean easy. It is dry, loose, and has hardpack underneath the loose stuff. The first part of the descent was powerline/ATV trail type stuff - really steep, fast, big jumps and tight turns. I really was not comfortable with the speed I could get on it because the traction was not there. So what happens? After all the really steep stuff is over I hit a turn fast, freak out, grab brake (I think) and slide for about 10 feet along the high side--through lots of prickly things. Today I feel like I got hit by a truck...very sore. I have some nice road rash and a banged up thumb. It's a good thing my next race is on the SS because I can't shift at all. Saturday night we hit a really cool place intown for good beers and great food - Donnie Mac's Trailer Park Cuisine. If you're ever in Boise, ID..give it a try.


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what is the best way to contact you? email?

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sure. what's this regarding?

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