Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A few days later

Now that we are back from WI (Thank God! - the entire trip has made me decide to give up eating cheese for good. Well, except for grated parmesan--I can't give that up) I am thinking more about the 24 hour race. I'm really bummed about I am determined to find another 24 hour to do this year but there aren't many left. I am considering 24 hours of Pisgah because I am certainly NOT going to do the Adrenalin race (I'm probably banned anyway). If Eddie does it, I will be sure to wear this the entire time:

24 Hour Nationals will be at 9 mile again in 2007. I will be there, and this time I will be ready..dammit! I've been too half-ass unprepared and not mentally strong enough for my races this year. I'm ready to turn things around with some guidance from my coach. Now that the stress of getting into grad school is off my back, I can move on. Of course, I have other things to deal with now like planning a wedding and actually going to grad school. It is one of my goals to start dealing with stress better, though, and not letting it affect my training, racing, and life in general. I learned a lot from watching Danielle and Mark race this weekend--their race and their pit strategy. It was a big eye opener for me! I think I needed an experience like this past weekend to wake me up and set me going in the right direction. It's always good when you learn more about yourself.


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Nice shirt.


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