Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ebay Fraud

Sometimes I hate ebay. While it's a great way to buy and sell stuff, there is no accountability for buyers that have no intention of actually buying your item. We sold Eddie's brand new Litespeed Ghisallo on ebay to a guy from NY for a steal! The bike is worth well over $5000 and he won the auction for $4000. He insisted that I send it asap, rush shipping and that he would pay for it asap. I waited and waited for payment, he said he sent it but no, he didn't. I googled his name "Peter Agola" to see if he was for real, and yes, he is a roadie up in NY. So, I gave him the benefit of the doubt...he was probably really busy or out of town. Usually cyclists are pretty cool so I remained optimistic. Well, turns out the guy is a complete fraud, wasted our time, etc. etc. If you know this guy, please tell him he is a jerk for me. And, yes, it really would make me feel better :)

So, now back to selling this beautiful bike. Unfortunately, we have no room for it, we have enough pretty Ti bikes already.

Ok then. Thanks for listening.


Blogger mp3 said...

That's one reason I have yet to try selling something on ebay. Nice bike, but I've got the sexy carbon bug.

9:41 AM  

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