Friday, July 28, 2006

Ready, set...

We will go at 10am tomorrow. I got to ride one lap yesterday (which sucked), and one today (which was better). The course is 13.6 miles long with lots of doubletrack in the beginning and then short sections of singletrack separated by more doubletrack. The singletrack is hard--tight, twisty, technical, I usually love rocks but there are a couple sections that are tricky--there is no descending so momentum is key--and throw big rocks in with tight turns, trees, and no gears--we have an interesting race ahead! Anyway, I decided to race the NORBA Nat's Solo Female category with all the big I'm wishing I had my King Kikapu. Well, not really. I was able to pick up a flat bar today and a new stem and it feels much better than the H-bar setup.

More after the race.


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