Sunday, July 23, 2006


From the dictionary: so-lo adv. Unaccompanied; alone

I suppose everyone has their own reason for doing a race solo. I can't think of any way I'd rather race. In fact, all of my training is solo too, when I go out and ride with Eddie, we rarely ride "together". Sure it's nice once in awhile, as the solo training days do get old. I love the feeling of being alone during a race though. It's my race, I have to entertain myself, motivate myself, talk to myself, push myself. I'm only accountable to me. It's all about me.

I registered for 12 hours of Dauset in the 12/Solo Singlespeed Class but since I'm still trying to get to 24/9 mile next weekend I knew I was only going to ride 6 hours, which could likely get me last place in the 12/SS division, which I didn't want. Luckily Terri Berger allowed me to switch to 6 hour Solo Female minutes before the start of the race. It looked like several chicks (strong chicks at that) were signed up for 6 hour solo, and I assumed I didn't have a chance as they were all on gears and I wasn't. But, at least I had a better chance here at not being DFL in the 6 hour group.

I won't bore anyone with all with the details of the race but basically, I felt great despite my horrible nutrional strategy..I definitely didn't eat or drink enough at all but luckily it was only 6 hours and I was able to get away with it. I couldn't get the cap off my bladder to refill it, so I ditched it after 2 hours. I don't have the skill to drink from a bottle at speed on a trail, so pretty much the only time I drank was everytime I swung by my pit after a lap. I would swig gatorade and dump water on my head like Floyd. Had I been in for 12 or 24 I would have bonked hard at some point from dehydration and lack of calories. My fingers were completely numb 3 hours into the race, which tells me the Jones H-bars have got to go. Hopefully I can replace them with something that works in the next couple days because I'm not going to make it through 24 hours like that. My only real regret about this race is that I didn't give myself enough credit from the start and I didn't race hard to the end- I'm not used to racing for 1st- at best I'm racing for 2nd or 3rd place. Well, had I pushed myself just a bit harder on my last lap yesterday (and kept up with Bruce Dickman!) I may have actually won. Darn! I had no idea I was even close to catching 1st place, I had only been thinking about who was behind me. I felt way too good after the race was over, I should have felt much worse and more tired than I did. Oh well, it's definitely a good lesson learned and maybe one that everyone learns at some point before they become a winner, who knows. At least I know I can be competitive with the geared riders and I'm not relegated to only racing in a SS class if I want to do well. Maybe I can be like Team Dicky one day- the guy kicks ass on his SS everywhere! Right now, I have no desire to ride any other bike anytime soon- my Kona Unit 2-9 is the best.

I will say that I had a really really good time racing which was nice for a change, I was riding my own race doing everything my coach had prepared me to do. I also got a good feel of my new Wobble-naught fit in action. The combination of these two things was really what made me have a good race.

Congrats to Eddie on a great race - he was racing at a crazy pace with Harvey and Greg Turner. He was sooooo close to getting 3rd, but ended up in 4th. Their lap times were smokin fast, I can't imagine riding like that!


Blogger Danielle said...

Congrats!!! Sounds like you are ready to do some serious butt kicking at 9 Mile...on a SS, nonetheless!!

See ya soon :-)

7:34 PM  

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