Thursday, September 28, 2006

Double Top Secret

Hopefully the weather will hold out this weekend so we can complete the top secret scouting mission for a certain event to be held sometime next year. Can't say anymore than it will be epic. I'm going crazy for some long bike hours. Since Firewater 50, I've logged a total of 8 hours on the bike (pretty sad).

I can't believe no one wants to buy the Ghisallo. The pic album has been viewed 545 times, and the closest we've gotten to selling it is some jerk that was a complete fraud. At this point, I think that I may Wobble-naught the bike for me and prepare my Orbea to sell. We don't need 3 road bikes in the house. I really don't deserve a road bike as nice as the Ghisallo, but we're not going to *give* it away either!

Sounds like the enduro nut crowd had a fun dinner at Interbike last night, organized by Karl of Ride424. Sorry I missed it :(


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