Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hello, I'm back

I haven't posted much lately because 1) We've been on the road a good bit and 2) I have not been myself lately. I mean, since I quit in the middle of 24/9 mile almost two weeks ago, I've been TIRED. Little appetite, kind of depressed-like, a little grouchy, TIRED, and pretty much didn't feel like riding. I thought maybe I had West-Nile from all the mosquitos in WI and FL last week, maybe Mono (but then I wouldn't be able to ride at all...). I was getting more depressed because I didn't know why I was so tired and why all my rides were bad despite taking almost a whole week off the bike!!

Finally, today, I took my beloved Kona Unit 2-9 to Ellijay with a local rider girl, Justine. It has been one of my goals to ride all 3 sections of the Pinhoti in Ellijay on the SS, and today I did just that. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! I made sure to eat and drink a ton and it was one of my best rides ever...I felt strong, fast, and climbed better than ever up there, despite the months of flat-lander training for 9 mile. What a day! (I really really hope my new Niner flat bar gets here soon though. Riding up there with a puny 24" bar was tough).

I think I'm going to send my 26" out to San Fran to stay with my sister so I can have a bike out there when I go visit. Either that or let Eddie use the parts off of it to build this. I'm pretty happy to singlespeed anything and everything around here right about now :) The best part is that I get to go back this Sunday!! Might as well live it up while I'm on vacation, school starts in less than 2 weeks...........


Blogger Danielle said...

OK, first we wear the same shirt and the same illnesses? That's too funny. I've been driving everyone around here crazy because I've been convinced that I had them too. Maybe even both of them together :-)

12:50 PM  

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