Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No clever title...

..because I'm in over my head in school projects and have used up every ounce of creativity I might have in me. I'm trying my hardest to escape the tundra...and now the forecast for the weekend in "sunny" FL is for rain! We are supposed to receive what the forecasters call a "wintry mix" here tomorrow and Thursday. I say that sucks. I might have to try out Dicky's training plan in the interim. The famous Mike Livingston and I snuck out today while it was sunny and high 40*s today for a road ride. He was the substitute for my broken heart rate monitor, and paced me for my tempo training. It was fun, and the former Michigander came to the conclusion that southern hospitality is dead. He said hello to every person we passed (cyclist, jogger, dog walker, rollerblader) and I think he got two, maybe three hellos or nods back. I don't get why people are so unfriendly. Maybe they were just scared of my pink armwarmers.

I've come up with a more defined list of races I will be doing..but nothing past July, yet. There are too many unknowns in my future at this point..but I still need stuff (races) to look forward to. So far, I have Razorback, GSSSC, Cohutta 100, Cowbell Challenge 12 hour, BURN 24 Hour Challenge, and 24 Hour Nationals.


Blogger Dicky said...

Be careful. My training plan has been created after years of study and intense scientological type stuff. It may be too much for the average human.

5:39 AM  

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