Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I guess he was right.

My coach had this week as a recovery week for me. But, I didn't think I needed it. I knew I wouldn't be able to ride for 4 days straight this weekend since I have to work 12 hours a day at the Georgia Marathon, so I wanted to pack in hours between Tuesday and happening. On Tuesday, I rode with Eddie and kept on his wheel until mile 22 or so..then I let him go and pushed on to mile 28. I figured I better turn around before I ended up too far out, because I still had to ride back home. Well, I lost my legs somewhere around there and it was a long and painful ride back. Eddie's response afterwards was.."I told you you needed a recovery week, I had it all planned out." Gee thanks. So, today I did a short ride on the purple unit trying to figure out some small glitches. The brakes need bleeding, the bar is too narrow (but I found that a riser bar will not work AARRGH.) so I will either put the heavy POS bar that I got last year on it (so I can use the ERGONs), or I will temporarily put the Jones bar back on. I would really like to find a wide Ti flat bar with a nice big sweep to them. But, I have to be able to pay for it..hmm, sounds difficult. Another thing, my upper body muscles had gotten so used to the position of the Jones bars, that now I'm super sore from riding with a flat bar..that is so sad! I am going to hit the core and upper body stuff hard for the next several weeks so I'm not always walking around whining about being sore. I also need to cut some of the steerer tube off so I don't have anymore unfortunate collisions between my...uh...knees, etc. and the unnecessarily tall steerer tube. It's coming along, though. No, I don't really care for the pink headset/purple frame combo, but I'm not about to take it back to the shop to swap out again. I think they are sick of looking at my bike. I think we've taken a combination of 5 frames and 4 King headsets in there in the last month, swapping back and forth. Anyway, I probably won't be posting at all until sometime next week. Thank goodness the weather will be in the high 70's this weekend for the marathon...and thank goodness I'm not running it!! :)

Port-o-pot (aka Cat Dog) enjoying the beautiful Georgia spring weather


Blogger Cellarrat said...

James at black sheep well make a ti bar pretty much any way you want for 175

salsa pro moto is also an option 11 and 17 degree bars I think they come 28" wide

4:51 AM  

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