Sunday, July 01, 2007

When will I learn my lesson?

Riding + intense heat + Sustained Energy = big problems for me.

I did it again. I have almost a whole canister of SE left over from the Cohutta 100 (where it made me sick that time), so I took some with me yesterday on my 6 hour trail ride. About 3 hours into the ride I could not even take a sip...I wanted to puke. It was so freaking hot out, reminiscent of hour 6 at the Cowbell 12 hour last weekend. I rode hour 3-4 with no drinking..stopping twice on the trail waiting for Eddie in hopes that he had plain luck, he never passed me. I briefly considered sleeping in the woods..but there were too many stinging insects about. How pathetic this is, considering I was on a 11.5 mile loop!! Ha. I ended my ride 2 hours early and spent the rest of the day in the fetal position on the couch. I did manage to muster up enough energy to go watch the Madison race at the Dick Lane Velodrome..that was super sweet but kind of scary to watch as they swung each other around in the midst of 20 or so other racers. I think I'll give track riding a shot someday soon.

It's almost 1pm and I need to get out and do my 6 hour today. It's still awfully steamy out. I'm hoping the rain holds off.

late edit: I don't have to feel guilty anymore. Eddie and I got in 5.5 today..actually a really good training ride for nationals. 1.5 hours on the road to get to the trail, 2.5 hours on flat twisty rooty twisty trail, and 1.5 hours back. There were dark clouds looming but we never got more than a few sprinkles. The 34 ring worked great for this ride...however I will probably wimp out and put the 32 back on for Cartecay Bikes' 4th of July ride this Wednesday. It will be my 1st time at Mountaintown this year...yeah! The billion creek crossings should feel nice...hope to see many of you there.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Fools Gold! It will be epic. One loop is 51 miles and 8300 ft of elevation gain. The fitty will run one loop, the hundie will run 2. I hope you're training up ;)


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