Monday, November 05, 2007

Moving on

I have strict instructions from my coach to not think about a bike for the next week. This will be I might not post much this week unless something unforseen and really exciting happens. I don't think this is bike related, well, maybe it is...but next week starts the 3 month strength training plan courtesy of the strongest woman I know that races a bike. Hopefully, it will have me pushing big gears when I'm done. I haven't lifted weights in several years, and I think it's what I need. Next year's races will have more climbing so I need to be ready if I'm going to be racing the gearies. Eddie and I will both be spending some time in the gym and joining the Winter Bike League rides that start Dec 1.

Oh, I guess that was bike related. OK, I'm off to go try to think of other things now!


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