Monday, December 17, 2007

uh, where am i again?

I thought I was in Florida, but I was cold today on my ride! OK, not cold like many others are right now, it was probably 50 or so degrees out on the road today. But, my toes were freezing. We've been back inside now for 45 minutes and my fingers are still tingling. Yes, I am a wuss! All was well with the new saddle. What a difference!! I wasn't in unbearable pain after an hour of riding this time...sweet. Eddie says that means more road riding hours then....greeeaaat. At least the weather should start warming up again tomorrow.

In other news, our two male dogs got in two fights today..bad fights...I hate it when they do that because it's seriously hard for Eddie and I to even break it up :( I've even had blood drawn from getting in the middle of them before. Well hopefully they are over it now.

Hope everyone is staying relatively warm and away from the malls!


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