Sunday, February 24, 2008

wow again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 hours of learning and doing today. wobble-naught tom had me on and off the bike all day with Dartfish video analysis. He and Eddie made some big changes to my road bike..which explains why I have hated riding it lately. I had made some changes to my own fit for the worse (like changing my saddle out from a road to a MTB saddle) and also I learned that I address my road bike like a mountain biker. We worked on my pedaling technique, aero positions, and much more. It's totally different when you can see yourself on the video..suddenly everything is so clear. No wonder I couldn't hang on the WBL. I can't even explain how much I've learned just today and how much better I feel on the bike. Truly amazing. I am not going to write off road riding just yet ;)

Oh, and there might just be another new bike in my future....I have to figure out a few things first. More later..


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