Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 2 update

So it looks like Vassago found me a new fork to replace my current one that decided to act up today. Sweet. Now I just need to score some tools to change my rear cog out to something more Temecula-friendly. Carol Ann recommended a 21 in the back so I will take that recommendo for tomorrow. I remember asking some SSrs what they ran for the 12/Temecula and they said 32x20 or 21. I think the 21 will be the ticket even though there is a fair amount of flat stuff on the course. The hills are that steep though!

I somehow got a sore throat today. I think it's because the air is so much drier out here. I really hope it goes away overnight!


Blogger Mallie said...

Hoping the sore throat is gone and that the gear change goes smoothly. It's amazing what the change from humid to dry can do to you. Looking forward to your return and your race report.

6:19 AM  
Blogger SandPine said...

Good luck to both of you out there. I still have not register to post on Eddie's blog. Will do soon though. I emailed to info (at) 55nineperformance. I am hoping to hook up with your and Eddie on my way to 12 hours of Tsali May 17th. I need some fittings and other things. See my email when you return to GA please. I'll call you then. Thanks.

7:04 AM  

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