Sunday, August 17, 2008

fool's gold- post 1

yeah, i like how i'm called out on cyclingnews for being a "challenger" to cheryl...

so i rested my legs all last week to race on saturday. i wasn't even drinking the beer on friday, i was being good. at 8pm i asked eddie to get my bike ready while i was still working...he did, and then at 10 pm i started stuffing my drop bags to send to sags 2/3/4.

30 minutes later eddie asks me not to race. WTF? eddie actually going so far as to ask me not to race in order to help him must mean he really needs my the "right" thing, i did not race and instead worked all day to avoid disaster. 300+ people, 12 volunteers? definitely not enough! all our volunteers worked so hard and the bike shops (addictive, outspokin, and northstar) worked their asses off, too.

next year we will have twice as many volunteers. and twice as much beer. damn those volunteers can drink some beer!

highlights of the weekend:
- seeing dicky in a sexy shirt (pic somewhere?!) for winning the sexiest 29er award
- riding with the guys after drinking 4 beers and eating only a small bag of doritos in 12 a skirt and t-shirt. made an 8 mile ride seem like a death march. good times.
- marcel winning the ti frame raffle
- seeing jeremiah bishop ride a ridiculously fast race
- seeing local thomas turner so close to the best riders in the country
- mike stanley of wake & bake racing and all his terrapin beer...mmm
- good coffee on saturday morning (53x11 and wake & bake)
- the volunteers...they make this race happen: Anne & Trev, Natalie, Tera, Mark & Sheri, Ken, Hillary, Jesse, Rachel & Jim, Matt, Fish, Rich Garcia&friends, David, Jim, Janice, Kyle, Jimmy, DanO!! Thanks to all of you!
- seeing all the people buying kat's soap
- test riding a geared 29er (settle down you SS elitists! ;)
- i'm sure there are many more...i need a few days for all the memories to pop back into place. i'm kind of tired now!

andrew kornylak took photos and i assure you they will be great. i've seen many others from mark D and natalie..and more. i'll post some up on the race website eventually..


Blogger Laura said...

The race was great. The volunteers were awesome. When I got to an aid station all I had to do was stand there. They brought me my bag, mixed my drinks, and swapped out my bottles. Thanks for putting on a great event. I will be back next year.

9:35 AM  

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