Sunday, September 07, 2008

3:30 am update

OK, now I'm tired..and I'm not even racing. Just got home...MArk B is rolling again so that's good...I gave him a bunch of electrolytes, chips, and plain water and mixed up some new bottles for him..hopefully it works. I know how he feels because I was in the same boat at 24 hour Nationals so I wanted to help him.

Eddie is killin it. He's still in 1st place, extremely FAST and consistent..252 miles in 13.5 hours. 3 laps up on 2nd place and 5 laps up on 3rd place. He's so calm and collected...I'm very impressed.

OK, my alarm is supposed to go off in 2 hours and 45 minutes to get ready for the SS race. Am I going to make it??!! I have to admit motivation is dwindling and sleepiness is settling in.

Results and tracking for the "blue dot junkies" is here:


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