Sunday, September 28, 2008

Interbike Day 3

Thursday was more of the same...visiting sponsors, hangin at the T6 booth, rubbing elbows with celebrities, etc. The highlights of my day had to be:

Standing next to Leonard Zinn on the hotel elevator

Sitting next to Greg Lemond at lunch

Meeting Chris Sugai, the owner and founder of NINER BIKES ...if I was going to race Singlespeed again next year the ONE 9 would be an appropriate weapon of choice. And, the new color is hot! Chris was super nice and I was pleasantly surprised to find out he actually knows who I am! Yay me!

Meeting Chris Cocalis, the owner and founder of Pivot Cycles...and we saw the Mach 4 built up to under 21 lbs. I have a pic to prove it. WOW!!! They also have a women's specific Mach 4/5 and the Firebird is new. (Even though I wouldn't do it justice I really wanted to ride the Firebird at the Dirt Demo but so did everyone else..that thing was out all day.)

Getting my picture taken with Elden, aka Fatty

Meeting Dave Weins ( I wasn't already married I'd say more :)

Meeting Tim Grahl from Crooked Cog and Guitar Ted!

We had happy hour with Ergon and Crank Brothers and then headed to watch the crit. I was a little disappointed with the crit, it didn't have the same fun factor as Cross Vegas did. Still, we ended up seeing Tina Pic win 2nd in the pro women's field, drank a bunch of free Dale's Pale Ale, and hung out with the Swiftwick guys.


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