Sunday, November 02, 2008

1st annual Halloween MTBash

We headed up to Mulberry Gap in Ellijay, GA AGAIN this weekend :) No, we just can't get enough....

This time it was for the 1st annual Halloween MTBash where we gathered with 30+ of our mountain bike friends and even some new ones. A few of us arrived Friday afternoon to chill by the fire, eat some of Mulberry Gap's famous homemade cookin', and drink a few beers. Most of us were staying in the cabins but there were a few hardcore folks that wanted to camp in the cold weather.

Chris and Eddie at the cabin

Stone IPA, now found in Georgia, niiice.

My dog, Jackson

Harvey even made the trip up

After a signature Mulberry Gap breakfast we hit the trails with a huge group of riders. I ended up with a 28-ish mile ride, I think, and would have gone on with Eddie, Harvey, and Mark B for another 20-some but I wasn't feeling so hot. Marc and I headed back early to eat warm chili and cornbread and drink beer with the others...not such a bad option. The climbs hurt me this weekend but the downhills fun.

Riders trickled in all day while the rest of us sat in hottubs and relaxed..this was peak fall colors in North Georgia so it was perfect. Even better, the weather was in the high 60's and sunny!

Mulberry Gap had a HUGE mexican fiesta for us up in the barn Saturday night...this might be my favorite meal there...homemade everything including pork tacos and homemade guacamole..mmm...

Sunday's ride was a lot less ambitious, I think I rode a total of 9 or 10 miles with Mark B. I still wasn't feeling good so didn't feel like suffering all day. We had lots of chill time by the fire when we got back to the lodge...oh, and another huge meal, of course.

Thanks to everyone that showed up for the fun...I wish I had more pictures but you can find all the riding pics HERE on the SORBA forum and HERE on Chocolate Girl's blog. Enjoy!


Blogger Wicki said...

You at my favorite B & B- the one and only Mulberry Gap. I LOVE that place!!!
I went a lil blog MIA, but I think I finally have my stuff together enough to spend a few minutes on the ole computadora.....
Looks like ya'll had a gooooddddd time :)

7:25 PM  
Blogger chocolate girl said...

Good times with great friends! Love those trails!!!

11:46 AM  

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