Friday, January 09, 2009

slow time

..on the blog. Why? because I can barely keep my head above the pile of stuff I have going on with school and 55nine Performance...and it's only Week One of the semester :( Somewhere in between there I have to find time to train. While some freaks are getting near 30 hours per week on the bike, I'm lucky to hit 18 lately. Oh well, it's my last semester of Grad school so that has to take priority. That would also be why I'm not doing much racing until April. I'd rather save the stress of traveling and racing for after my thesis defense!

BTW, I have one note to make to my husband who is probably way too proud of himself for beating me in the O'Dea Fitness Challenge today. BE SCARED because next time we re-match you're going down!!! I'm going to be in super-secret training between now and then. Thanks, Devin, for stepping up the "friendly" family competition in our household.

If you have a minute, check out this interview with Scott Rigsby, double-amputee Ironman. He mentions working with Eddie on the Wobble-naught and Dartfish stuff..pretty cool.

Have a good weekend!


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