Thursday, March 12, 2009

Heritage Park Pre-ride

I did my first 24 hour solo at Heritage the year the hurricane came was insane but a lot of fun. There are several new sections but the course is still as bumpy and challenging as ever. There is a lot of climbing, I think, and lap after lap at a race pace is tough. The current forecast is for 80% chance of rain and a HIGH of 52..what???? It's like 70* and sunny today! I'm being optimistic and pulling for the 20% chance of dry..I'm even OK with a little drizzle...but please no big rain!!! I really can't afford a new drivetrain (mine is barely holding on as it is)...there have been some technical difficulties with receiving the new bikes so this one has to survive just a little longer!


Blogger My name is Stephen said...

here is another pull for the 20%, good luck this weekend!!

5:55 AM  

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