Saturday, April 18, 2009

Not meant to be

Maybe I'm not meant to race the NUE. Last June, I crashed really bad while riding with Danielle two days before Lumberjack 100, then, race director responsibilities were too overwhelming me to race Fool's Gold 100 a few months later. Now, tendonitis from overdoing it on a new bike has taken me out of Cohutta 100, the first race in the 2009 NUE. Bummer! I will probably just go to Athens Twilight instead, since I have never been. I have re-done my race schedule and will be following around @daniellemusto for the summer :) I will post it ASAP. But, May is still sort of TBD depending on how I heal up and can get back into riding. It's been frustrating to be off the bike for so long, to say the least. As Dicky would say, FJEAR my return because I am pissed and ready to rip legs off!!!! Haha. Oh well, at least I have been having fun with non-riding friends...they have fun too, occasionally. :)


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