Thursday, March 09, 2006

First Ride

First time on a Singlespeed, First time on a 29er bike, First time on Jones H-bars. I really liked all of it. One ride at Dauset Trails and one ride at Heritage Park to check out the course for the GA Singlespeed State Championship Race Hmm...should I do it? I'd enter as beginner so it would only be one lap. I guess it really depends on whether or not I race the 30-hour Adventure Race the following weekend. The course is tough on a SS, and is pretty tight in areas. I didn't feel like this bike handled particularly fast in the tight stuff, but it is sure fun to ride. The wider bars made me realize how I need to replace my super-narrow twitchy flat bars on my full suspension bike. Here are a few pics of the maiden voyage, courtesy of Mallie Dein. Also, many thanks to Mallie for redesigning my blog site!


Blogger Jason said...

29er looks great. How was the Reba? Got my first 29er coming in a week or so (Dos Niner). Good luck! JM

6:11 PM  
Blogger namrita o'dea said...

Thanks! The Reba is great, I still need to get it dialed in just right, but that always takes me few rides to get it straight. I'm sure you will love the Dos 9er! Looking forward to hearing about it~

6:54 PM  

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