Tuesday, March 14, 2006

North Georgia Adventure Race..is a GO

The search for a female to replace me in the upcoming 30 hour North Georgia Adventure Race has been unsuccessful. Why is it so hard to find a female to do this stuff? We had one male contender but my teammates really wanted to race in the All-Female category, so I'm back in. I don't feel as prepped mentally and physically for the running/trekking and paddling sections, but I will make it through. This past weekend I did a 12 mile run/hike up in the Aska trails area, which is pretty steep. I had some knee pain on the downhill sections, so I need to start with some preventative maintenance. Last year I screwed up my IT band/knee with tendonitis for awhile, and I don't want to repeat that! Hopefully the weather holds up, it's been sunny and 70's lately. But, then again, this is what it looked like last year for Tony's spring race in April..eek:
SMAR 2005

Anyway, I will be racing with Norma Rainwater and Susan Walsh as Team Bad Lasses/BURN Energy Drink. Eddie O'Dea and Sherri Hall are nice enough to be our Crew. Check HERE for Live Updates during the race. This means that I am not going to kill myself racing the SS State Championship Race this coming weekend, but I will be there as a volunteer/cheerleader :)


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