Monday, November 12, 2007

Rolling again

Back on the bike today! I feel rested, and ready to begin a new phase. I jumped on the rollers this morning for a bit, I was a little rusty at first (mainly because I had the bike backwards on the rollers...yes it's been awhile). Once I finally got that figured out (thanks Eddie) I was rolling...some one legged stuff, mostly just spinning and focusing on pedal mechanics. It was funny, my ipod was right where it left off during the night at 24 hours of Clear Springs when I called it a race. As soon as I turned it on, all my feelings and emotions from that night came flooding back into me. It was kind of nice, though, because even though that was just one week ago, my mental state is much more relaxed and focused now. I just had to smile.

In the gym tomorrow!!


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