Friday, November 14, 2008

turning the corner

This was a good week for me. I'm not feeling as sore and tired everyday and I'm actually making some progress in the gym. I can't do a pull-up yet..but I'm not sure I will ever be able to! We will actually be going to Florida sooner than planned...we'll be leaving in just a couple weeks. That will give us a full 4 weeks of training in the warm(er) weather. The high for this Sunday is only going to be 50 degrees in Ellijay, where we will be riding the Southern Cross route. Brrrrr. I'm about to start making plans to sell my Litespeed Ghisallo ti road bike and eventually my ti 29er singlespeed (yeah!!!) in order to get a CX bike and new carbon road bike. I'm pretty excited about the all-new-all-carbon (except the commuter bike, of course) stable of bikes for 2009! Speaking of, I sent my Topeak-Ergon Rotwild order in today...I'll post more details on that later. I hope everyone has a great weekend.


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