Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wednesday is always a good day

For starters, Wednesday is my day off, so it's usually a good day. Today, Eddie and I drove up to meet Hodge and his lovely wife Deb for coffee. It was good to catch up with him OUT of the hospital. He is looking great and doing very well, he was walking without a cane today so that is good news.

Speaking of coffee, Eddie and I will be working with 53x11 coffee from now on! They sponsored the Fool's Gold 50/100 last year with some free coffee and we really liked it. That is not something to take lightly, I am a real coffee snob. Not because I really know a lot about it, but it has to be really good stuff in order for me to like the flavor and actually drink it. So...yeah, I'm pretty excited about this!

Eddie and I also got some other good news today so you may hear more on that in the near future! For now, I need to head to the doctor, and then to the gym for my off-season get-huge workout!


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