Saturday, March 14, 2009

Plan B

No race today. It's 40* and raining...I don't do laps in 40* and raining anymore...not after Thomson Day '08...the coldest and wettest day I've ever had on a bike!!! Give me 95 degrees and 70% humidity and I'm happy as can be. Speaking of, I did a preliminary sweat study at Georgia Tech yesterday...They determined my sweat rate and sweat sodium concentration at 95 degrees and 35% RH. Pretty cool...I had been fairly close with my fluid and electrolyte replacement but now I can get even closer. The rest of the study includes a VO2 max, DEXA and 3 hour ride with biopsies and sweat collection. I will do all of it this coming week. I love this stuff! It really makes me want to stay in school and do my own research....

Anyway, I'm trying to rally some troops to head South today for a couple hours of riding..then a longer day tomorrow. Exactly one year ago today I was doing the same thing with Danielle, Carey, and Eddie---skipping out on the 6 hour race to ride around beautiful Macon, GA. Well, all except the beautiful part....I think I'm done with signing up for races before April.

late edit: So, I heard it barely even rained at the race. Figures! Oh well, I'm still very happy with my decision to sleep in until 11 and ride dry trails further South where it was warmer. I'm actually starting to feel like a normal, happy person again!


Blogger Carey said...

Perhaps next year ... we can make it three in a row for a no go! I am just glad I was able to ride my butt off before the weather hit us today. I was glad to kick up my heels and watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua with my daughter. See you Friday!

5:41 PM  
Blogger Danielle said...

That was a fun morning! I will be up for skipping that race next year too. Count me in!

7:12 AM  

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