Thursday, February 08, 2007

I can't wait!!!!!

I can't take it anymore. Apparently, the purple unit is going to be more of a blue shade (it looks way more purple on the website). I'm happy about this, I saw pics of some on and yes, I'm happy about this!!! I ordered my I9 29er SS wheels in silver...yeah...and should be getting some Ergons to top it off.

So..Florida was nice, but Eddie and I had a miscommunication that caused me to only have my 32x22 gear to ride for 50 miles of flat FL sandy singletrack on Saturday. It wore me out! Any sign of even a slight incline made me just too happy because I could stand up. Sunday was spent at Razorback, I decided after that ride that it is not the place for 29er, especially one that is too big. There are tons of tight off-camber sections, steeps, and just awkward pieces of trail and you are constantly accelerating..not the place for my green unit. I will *very* temporarily bring out the Kona King Kikapu for the preride and the race, and then I will probably never ride it again after I have my 18" 2007 Unit 2-9. Since I've been back in town, I'm still trying to recover from the weekend. My legs still feel full of lead. Things have also been quite busy with the new 55nine project.


Blogger Chris said...

When I think of FL, biking of any kind doesn't come to mind. I have some cousins down there. Maybe I will check it out someday.

7:43 PM  
Blogger Investment Biker said...

I'll be down there for 12 Hours of Razorback. Can't wait to get out of this Ohio cold (15 degrees currently). Found your sight from Jeff K's blog. BRD

11:22 AM  

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