Friday, November 16, 2007

It's about to get really cold

Eddie and I, and our dogs are heading to Michigan for a week, for Thanksgiving. We'll make a stop in Ann Arbor and hit my favorite place Ashley's...we're also going to visit Danielle and Scott on the west side. We have something fun planned for Friday...and don't worry it will be documented in the blogosphere. The weather is looking frigid so I think this time we will pack up our road bikes and our new Rock and Roll trainer so we can spin indoors. We're not riding much right now, still focusing on the gym routine. I think Eddie's scared that my legs are as strong as his...but he insists his are still faster. Maybe that's true...but I'm working on it :)

Oh, and I hear the famous Mike Livingston will be coached by Eddie for 2008! And, I also hear he may be pulling the trigger on a Vassago?? ...Titanium, maybe?? I hear Mike's big goal is to finally beat me next year...hmmmmmmm....just kidding, Mike ;) Now all Mike needs is a blog! Hint hint.


Blogger Mike Livingston said...

Hey Namrita,
That’s right I am sick of getting my ass handed to me by you at the races :)-
It was a frustrating year with having to waste all the great base work I did during the warm winter in the ATL…
I am tired of working my life away and in 2008 I am going to get mid-evil on the endurance world!
The rumor is true, Eddie O is going to show me the way for coming year and beyond…
It’s also true I am going to order up a Vassago frameset ASAP!
Ok, Ok…I’ll start up a nice little blog!

6:15 AM  

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