Monday, November 17, 2008


I started out Saturday's road ride in a long sleeved jersey and shorts and spent the two hours pretty darn cold and miserable. I could barely get my HR up towards the end....yuck. So, when Sunday's forecast read a high of 48* I just couldn't get motivated to do my 4 hour ride. I know that in two weeks we will be getting 30 hours/week on the bike so this time I allowed myself to slack a bit and we went for an off-road run/hike with the dogs and Marc. We went to Sweetwater Creek, which is only a 30 minute drive (or less) for us. It was awesome! There is abundant rock hopping opportunities across the river and then more technical rocky rooty singletrack to have fun with. The leaves covering the obstacles made things a little more challenging, too. I will say, though, I'm terrified of heights. Marc made a log crossing look really easy but it scared the hell out of me! (Carey is shaking her head...I know it). I did it, though, and once I got started it was no big deal. It's definitely a lot easier to do it without bike shoes and a heavy bike on your back! No, I will never do La Ruta!

Speaking of La Ruta...huge congrats to Thomas Turner, local Georgia hero. You may remember he also took 2nd behind Bishop at the 2008 Fool's Gold 100. Monte Hewett, one of our clients, also did awesome in the Masters Category in his first stage race despite some setbacks during the race. Good job, guys!


Blogger Richard said...

So when do you start the "serious" training for endurance events? I've never done a endurance mtb event before. ... Any suggestions for a rookie?

7:33 PM  

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