Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Recovery Week Updates

It's been a good few weeks, lots of stuff going on. I moved into my new townhouse in the beginning of July and that went very smoothly thanks to my entire family coming in town to help. That week was also the beginning of three harder weeks of training in prep for the Offroad Assault on Mt. Mitchell coming up on July 31. While my Blur was in the process of being replaced by the new Kona King Kikapu frame, I pretty much rode my road bike. I started doing more group rides during the week and riding in the Gaps on the weekend. I finally got on my new mtb last week and have ridden it twice...the verdict is that I love it! I can't wait to ride it at Mt. Mitchell. It should be a fun racing since it's my first time, just some personals goal to meet. I'll leave the racing for next year! Update to follow sometime next week..

Oh, another cool piece of news. My awesome boyfriend got picked as a winner of the Santa Cruz Hellride 2 contest. He and one other person get to fly out to CA to ride in Downieville with pro mtbr's Mark Weir and Marla Streb. And, when he finishes the ride he'll have a sweet new SC Nomad! Here's the pic that got him picked...courtesy yes, that's a Krispy Kreme and a Guiness, of course! (and Jackson sniffing around on the right ;)