Saturday, December 29, 2007

The end of was a pretty good year.

February 2007: 12 hours of Razorback

Got my new Industry wheels I've had the pleasure of riding.

April 2007: Pre-riding with Jackson for the Cohutta 100

May 2007: First ride/race on the Vassago Jabberwocky at the Dirty Spokes 12 hour.

Mothers Day trip to SF to visit my sister:

BURN 24 Hour Challenge: pictured here before the start with Misty and Jeremy MTN Goat.

June 2007: Cowbell Challenge 12 hour.

Trip to Michigan for a wedding

July 2007: 24 hour Nationals in Wausau, WI.

Joe P and me looking rough at the finish. But look, my pit crew made sure I had a beer in hand when crossing the finish line :)

August 2007: 1st ride on the full rigid PINK Jabberwocky

My family dog Sooner passed away :(

September 2007: 6 hours of Conyers

Firewater 50!

12 hours of Dauset

October 2007: R Ranch in the North GA Mountains for my 31st birthday and our 1st anniversary.

November 2007: New tat

@ the Founders Brewery

December 2007: Base Training Camp in Florida

Happy New Year!

can it get any better than this?

Not only did I get to spend the day in the woods with Harvey, P Diddy, Chris J, and my favorite riding partner.....I found this at the grocery store on the way home!! What a great day!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

No more chocolate covered pretzels!

We just returned from a trip to Englewood, FL where we visited Eddie's family for Christmas. We did a few road rides and saw Boca Grande, Manasota Key, and some random flat fun. We are now back in Bradenton for the night, and heading back up near Tampa tomorrow. Christmas was good, but I think I ate a few too many chocolate pretzels and peanut M&Ms....oh well.

In case you haven't seen the Ergon site, check it out, Jeff K did a little interview for us.

...and our December diary is up on Cyclingnews.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Still here...

We're still in FL, but things have gotten more busy with the in-laws, parties, shopping, etc. It's ok, because my legs are fried and I need a little break...yesterday was great, we got to ride with Harvey and Lauren and their dogs. Today was a beautiful road ride on the island of Boca Grande. Unfortunately, the camera was no more pictures to show. We'll try again soon.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Adventure Race?

If I was going to do any more adventure racing, I would do this race. In fact, if my 2008 season wasn't already packed full, I would do it. If you are looking for something different to do, I would highly recommend this one!!

From the email I just got:

The NGAR is returning to Blue Ridge! Get details at

This thirty hour classic is set in the beautiful north Georgia mountains and is designed to be a grassroots event, returning to the roots of adventure racing. Don't expect too many frills; but do expect a well organized, tough, scenic race.The race differs from past years in several ways. It takes place in July instead of January, is unsupported, and does not have a paddling leg. The 2008 edition of the NGAR is designed to be an affordable, low hassle event!

The NGAR is in the same general area as the 2008 USARA National Championship and also is a Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing Series event.

When: July 11-13, 2008

Where Blue Ridge, GA

Venue: Skeenah Mill Campground (check in, pre-race briefing, start, finish, and central TA)

Distance: 90-100 miles

Duration: 30 Hours

Format: Unsupported, teams of 1, 2 or 3

Divisions: 3 Coed, 3 Male, 3 Female; 2 Coed, 2 Male, 2 Female, Solo Male, Solo Female

Prizes: TBD - The NGAR is a Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing Series RaceEntry

Fee: $110 per racerEntry Limit: 200 total racers


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I survived

4 hours on the road. I guess it was good for base miles, the scenery was quite nice at times...but honestly, 4 hours on the MTB is way more enjoyable than 4 hours on the road. We started in Sarasota and rode out to Longboat Key, to the tip of Anna Maria Island, to Palma Sola (which was really pretty), back to Anna Maria Island, and back to Sarasota. It's so flat that you never get a break from pedaling. It's a good thing that I had to stay in a lower HR zone because that let me have an excuse...I was a bit tired from lifting yesterday so I don't think I could have ridden any harder anyway. Bummer, no sno-cones, either. Pictures from the ride are here.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Where I'm going in 2008

I think this is the list.....

Feb- Croom 50, FL (not a race)
March- Dirty Spokes 6 hour at Heritage Park
April- 24 hours of Vail Lake
May- Dirt Sweat & Gears and SSUSA
May- 24 hours of Conyers
May- direct BURN 24 Hour Challenge
June- Lumberjack 100
July- 24 hour National Championship Race
Aug- direct Fool's Gold 100 & 50 mile MTB Races & Festival
Aug- SSWC in Napa, CA
Sept- 24 hours of Landahl
Oct- 24 hours of Moab

That should do it, unless of course I find lots more energy and money...then maybe I'll add more.

Ride Photo Album 1 --Click the photo to see the rest

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ergon Sponsorship

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I haven't officially announced it here yet, but Ergon USA is stepping up big time for Eddie and me next year and we are totally excited about it!! The Ergon products (the gloves and grips, specifically) have been my favorite bike-related accessories over the past year. I'm looking forward to trying out the pack will definitely come in handy when I finally get going on this Trans Georgia route riding :)

uh, where am i again?

I thought I was in Florida, but I was cold today on my ride! OK, not cold like many others are right now, it was probably 50 or so degrees out on the road today. But, my toes were freezing. We've been back inside now for 45 minutes and my fingers are still tingling. Yes, I am a wuss! All was well with the new saddle. What a difference!! I wasn't in unbearable pain after an hour of riding this time...sweet. Eddie says that means more road riding hours then....greeeaaat. At least the weather should start warming up again tomorrow.

In other news, our two male dogs got in two fights today..bad fights...I hate it when they do that because it's seriously hard for Eddie and I to even break it up :( I've even had blood drawn from getting in the middle of them before. Well hopefully they are over it now.

Hope everyone is staying relatively warm and away from the malls!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The best place to be in December

We arrived Thursday...after a long drive from Atlanta...I-75 was shut down for over an hour, so we literally turned off the car on the highway and walked around for an hour while the accident scene was cleared. We've based ourselves at Eddie's buddy's house in Bradenton, FL, which is full of wide bike lanes so I'm happy!! We're not super close to any mountain bike trails, but we managed to hit Flatwoods and Boyette the last two days when we made our trip north for the weekend. So far we've done 3 rides, it rained twice (but not bad), and we have already seen 2 snakes..close calls both times! Today's ride was actually pretty rough for me...we went to the Tampa Bay Lighting game last night and stayed out a little too late! Jackson has been riding with us, but Porter is still on the injured list after having surgery on his paw last week. I feel so bad for him, he hates watching us ride away while he waits in the car :(

I think we're going to do a road century this week, after we change out my road saddle..I hate it!! It's evil. I'm going to try a WTB saddle since that's what I love on my mountain bike. Anyway, I want to ride from the house out to the islands (Anna Maria Island, etc.) will be a big ride (at least for me who doesn't like road riding) but hopefully very pretty. I think I can make it as long as we stop for sno-ice at least once or twice :) I'm not sure what else we're doing this week, except Eddie's doing some bike fittings for some folks while we're down here. Other than that, maybe we'll go up to Santos and Croom for some long dirt mileage before we head even further South for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Welcome to base miles...

Hodge is out...I am in. I hate riding on the road, but it is a necessary evil. Eddie and I rode for 3 hours today, from the house out the comet rail trail and back. This is the first ride in about 6 months that has felt like training to me. It's good though, I need it. While my legs may be as strong as Eddie's in the gym...they are not on the road. Yes, I have some strength, but I lack sustainable power. I blame this on singlespeeding. There is nothing I can do on the SS that can mimic the consistent effort I just put out while on the road bike. So, unfortunately, I will be seeing some road least I have good company and rarely have to ride solo. I hope I start seeing results soon, I need the constant reminder that the road miles are worth it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Will you be there?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Roadie time

Apparently my shoulder is not up for much mountain biking. My rotator cuff was injured in my leaf slide into tree episode at Pine Log last week...and I just keep irritating it. Yesterday we were at Dauset Trails which isn't even very technical and I kept tweaking it just from manuevering the bike. I really need this to heal, so I'm stuck to the road and smooth trails. Yargo is on tap for tomorrow. We're heading to FL on Wednesday and planning on riding San Felasco on the way down....and not sure what else during the week. Hopefully next week I can be 100% again and ride whatever I want..FL has some good stuff.

I'm done with my two exams...and one more take home final due this Friday. All I wanted was beer and pizza to celebrate the I must go celebrate now!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Chilly Dawg Ride

Saturday's forecast was 65* and sunny! Eddie and I decided to stay in on Friday night so we could make it to the Cartecay Bikes Chilly Dawg 45 mile gravel road grinder. I was pretty excited to have this warm weather for a long December ride. But, as we got closer to the mountains, the fog began to set in...and soon enough it was misting. When we arrived to the Fire Station, it was cold and wet. I want the job of the weather-man. You just make something up and no one can do anything about it if you're wrong! Well, luckily I had a longsleeve jersey with me otherwise I would have been miserable.

The ride was great..rolling hills on gravel and pavement. I used to train and race around this area (Aska, Shallowford Bridge, Doublehead Gap, Skeenah) in my "adventure racing days" and it's just beautiful. Let me tell you how to be really slow, though: Ride your singlespeed on a ride like this where you spin out on the many flats and downhills...but you have to keep your heart rate in "level 2" so you can't even make up time hammering up the climbs. Yeah, it took a lot of discipline to not try and keep up with Mary, Laurie, and Roger...but I had to. Eddie had a rough ride too because he really lifted hard at the gym on Friday, so his legs were shot. That, and he helped push me along so I didn't get left behind on the flats. This is why I want a geared 'cross bike, for rides like this..

The ride ended with awesome chili courtesy of Kevin and Mary, homemade scones from Molly Freeman, and yummy rocky road bars from the one and only Chocolate Girl.

We ended up with close to 5 hours (including the standing around time). Awesome day!

Here's some pix courtesy of Cartecay Mike and Polly Ester:

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Just another weekday

Atlanta locals:

Do you want a new mountain bike trail INTOWN?

Then please fill out this survey. It only takes a couple minutes!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

70's and 80's

Degrees, that is. That's what it is in Florida right now!! And, that's where I'll be in exactly one week! Lucky me, I get to spend my first three week training block in Florida. We're taking both the roadies and the mt bikes down with us, and will only be in the gym 2x week (vs. the 4x a week we have been doing). I'm anxious to pick the training hours up again..and also to be able to walk normally again. My legs are torn up!

Does anyone in Florida know if there is a 5k race in the next few weeks that you can run with your dogs? We have the Jingle Jog here in Atlanta on Dec. 15, but we will miss it. I think it would be fun for the dogs, and I think Eddie and Jackson could do really well. Eddie ran with me yesterday (ok, ahead of me) and he is FAST! And, Jackson...well he is one of those that just HAS to be in front.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

24 hour race scheduling...hmm.

Looks like some big conflicts next year for those that like the 24 hour races. I find it quite interesting.

April 26
Granny Gear 24 at Vail Lake
24HOA Hurkey Creek

May 3
Coolest 24 Hour
24HOA at Laguna Seca

July 26
24 hour "worlds"

just ONE week away from

Aug 2

and, then you have

Oct 4
24HOA Conyers

just ONE week away from

Oct 11
Dirty Spokes Series Finale 6/12 hours at Conyers, GA

Weird! Sucks for those that have to choose.

For Sale

For Sale:

1. Kona King Kahuna Ti frame, size 19". Purchased in excellent condition from a local guy, but Eddie only rode it once or twice because it is too big for it has to go :(

2. New White Brothers Rock Solid 26" 425mm carbon fork. Steerer tube cut to 7 5/8" but ridden only once.

3. Pace RC31 Carbon 26" fork, used but in good condition. Steerer tube cut to 8 1/8".

4. Surly 1x1 steel 26" fork. No disc tabs. Steerer tube cut to 8 5/8".


Frame only: $700
Frame plus White Brothers fork: $850
Frame plus Pace fork: $800
White Brothers fork only: $165
Pace fork only: $120
Surly fork: $30

Photos at:

And, there's more stuff coming!

Shipping is additional if required.