Sunday, April 23, 2006


I was looking forward to completing the 100 miler this weekend. Despite my accident last week, I was able to get in some good riding during, even on my SS. My back was still bothering me in the area of my lower ribs on the left side so I decided to get a massage, knowing 100 miles with a lot of climbing could really hurt if my back was knotted up. Unfortunately I waited until Thursday evening to get one, and it might have been too much. I was really sore on Thursday night and tried to use the foam roller and stretch...bad I stretched my back I felt a large *pop* in my left lower back. I hardly got any sleep Thursday night and tried desparately to find a quick fix on Friday but it wasn't going to happen and I had to bail from the race. I have the Pisgah MTB Adventure Race in two weeks, and the BURN 24 hour in 5 weeks so I couldn't risk making anything worse. I decided to go up with Eddie anyway and ended up volunteering at a SAG stop. I am glad I went because I was able to see lots of friends, familiar faces, and meet a lot of really cool people. Thank goodness I can use my race entry for next year. Now I just have to be patient and get better once and for all, I'm going on 4 days off the bike now and I hate it!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I need some good luck

...with all this bad luck lately. Here we are, one week from the Cohutta 100 and what do I do? I wear socks on my slippery hardwood stairs in the morning and...oops you guessed it. I spent half the day today in the ER because I thought I cracked my skull. The CT scan revealed no bleeding under the skull, so what I have now is a still *very* painful bruise on my left temporal bone. This means I have to skip the fun long mountain rides this weekend and opt for easier, lower intensity stuff. I'm bummed. Really bummed. Hopefully resting now means I'll be ok for the 100 miler though.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Endurance Clinic coming up and Recover-Ease

Reminder! Endurance Clinic - Monday, April 17, 2006 7:00PM - 8:00PM -
Location: Peachtree Bikes in Buckhead (Atlanta, GA)
Namrita Kumar, Jennifer Wills, Javaun Moradi and ultra-endurance specialist Eddie O'Dea will talk about various aspects of endurance racing (particularly mountain biking) such as nutrition, training and preparation. Open to the public--men and women. If you have questions, bring 'em. For more information, see

I'm totally convinced that Recover-Ease works. It's amazing how I can now do hard workouts back to back, which I have not been able to do before. Everyone I've given samples to also agrees. Please note that the capsules must be taken along with proper recovery calories (drink, drink + food, etc.) These are only supplements- not replacements for your recovery drink/snack. If you would like samples, I can mail some to you..just leave your request in the comments. And, if you decide you like it and want to order, go to and use my referral code "RE021" so they can keep track of customers that I refer. It also enters you in drawings for monthly prizes and for free bottles of Recover-Ease. Can't beat that!