Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hello King Kikapu

I haven't raced or even ridden this bike since my love affair with my Unit 2-9 began last year. Well, I take that back..I rode the King Kikapu once a few months ago and had a terrible ride on it. I thought it was just me, but as my mechanic built it up again today, he realized that the stem/bars had been set up all wrong! Phew, so now that it's been Wobble-naughted and set up correctly, I should enjoy the ride on it at Razorback. One of the FOX bushings is really loose on the rear shock, so hopefully it can withstand 6 hours of racing + the preride. Fingers are crossed that I might actually be able to score a replacement bushing before the race.

No, I don't have the Ergons on it yet, but I received them the other day and they look sweet (bright Ergon green) and very comfy looking! I just don't have time to swap grips at this last minute, but I am going to try to swing by a shop to get them swapped tomorrow.

We're almost done packing, and leaving town early tomorrow. The dogs are coming along, and we might end up sleeping in the tent with them if the weather is really as cold as it looks like it's going to be! Ugh.

Eddie's doing a great job with the bike fittings while I've been swamped with Grad School. We've had several big (OK, HUGE) name road racers come through the word is spreading. Keep your eye on the 55nine Performance site for the latest as we update it...slowly :)


Blogger ExtrmTao said...

I have ridden countless miles on bad shock bushings before. Don't let it bother you if it doesn't get fixed. Just ride!

Good Luck

6:48 AM  

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